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Post Storm Update

System - Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dear Owners and Residents:

As we all know, Hurricane Florence has caused substantial damage to countless areas of our greater Wilmington community. We truly hope that everyone, families and friends alike, have all stayed safe throughout this stressful and difficult time.

Whereas some of our ARM team members were forced to evacuate their homes, others were not able to leave and have been without power for days. In spite of these challenges, we are determined to assist both our owners and tenants. With that said, we are already taking action to start the process of recovery, the best that we can under the circumstances. Our ARM team has been working behind the scenes to best answer emergency calls, survey damages, schedule emergency maintenance and aid in restoring our rental communities.

We ask you to keep in mind that at this point, we don't fully understand the extent of the destruction from Hurricane Florence. Within the next coming weeks and months, the road to recovery will call for patience and perseverance along with teamwork from all involved. Below is some key information to keep in mind throughout this trying period.

Please Note:

  • A message from Duke Energyhas been issued stating that they are continuing to assess the damages in our area. Downed trees and flooding are making the power restoration process difficult. More information and Duke updates can be found here -
  • Office power/phone/server system has been down periodically. At this time if it is a true, urgent emergency please call our emergency line only. 910-599-2129
  • Please have patience and understand that it will take some time to schedule and complete maintenance request, and each request will be prioritized by the level of emergency.
  • Renters Insurance - We hope that all residents have obtained this insurance!

#31 Atlantic Rental Management Guidelines
Addendum, which is a part of the lease. See below...

“Get it! ! Renters insurance is relatively inexpensive and definitely worth it! If there is power loss, Landlord will not pay for any lost food if refrigerator stops operating. If there is a fire or hurricane and your personal belongings are lost, landlord cannot be responsible for replacement. In the rare event there is a break in, you must provide a police report proving uninvited third-party entry to avoid responsibility for repairs to property (broken windows, kicked in doors etc.) If anything is stolen, Landlord cannot be held responsible for replacement. Renters insurance covers all of these!”

Best Regards,
Atlantic Rental Management